New 2021 PEO York Licensure Assistance Program Series!

Dear Members,

(Note: if you have previously registered for the LAP in the system, you do not have to register again, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. that you want to participate in the LAPs 2021, thanks)

The York Chapter is launching a new Licensure Assistance Program Series (LAPS) 2021 in your area. This program is designed to link licensed Professional Engineers (Guides) with Engineering Interns (EITs) to provide guidance and support as EITs progress towards professional licensure status.

The difference between the new LAP and previous years’ programs is that we integrate four sub-events into the LAP 2021 to better assist our members for their licensing journeys. Here are short descriptions of the sub-events:

  1. Demystifying the PEO Licensure Requirements: Academic and Experience: this event will address the difficulty, issues and concerns for foreign-trained engineers who are required to have academic and/or experience interviews from the PEO academic and experience committee.
  2. Licensing Workshop: this event is to address EITs and/or members who need additional help for their application processes outside of LAP.
  3. Accelerated Mentoring Webinar: seniors engineers from different disciplines will be invited to share their successful engineering career path stories to motivate EITs and junior engineers, and to provide ideas for their career path planning.
  4. Story of the Year 2021 – Sharing Immigration Success Story: the purpose of this event is to motivate foreign-trained engineers to continue their engineering careers after they immigrate to Canada. A lot of foreign-trained engineers struggled to get their licenses because their experiences and degrees were not approved by PEO. Some of them had to give up their engineering careers and find different jobs to survive. We will invite foreign-trained engineers who overcame all these challenges to share their stories.

Due to the escalating COVID-19 cases and the government requirements to battle and slow down the transmission of the virus, the LAPS 2021 orientation workshop will be held online (Zoom Meeting, a detailed instruction will be sent to matched pairs). After the matching, you can communicate by phone, email, text, or video apps.

The LAP 2021 is expected to run from June 10, 2021, to December 10, 2021. You would be expected to meet with your guide/intern for at least 2 hours per month and to provide feedback to the Chapter. For more information and to apply, please click on the PEO Licensure Assistance Program.

Limited Space available, please register by May 31, 2021, and you will receive an invitation for the orientation workshop.

If you have any questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Best regards,

Tian You Si Tu, P.Eng.
Mentorship & EIT Director
PEO York Chapter