Accelerated Mentoring 2014

Accelerated Mentoring brings together a panel of mentors from a variety of engineering industries and disciplines. They are senior level engineers, managers, executives and technical recruiters who possess the experience to answer career and professional development questions.


Mentors rotated between tables of mentees in a speed dating format, dispensing advice, sharing their experience and and answering questions in short time intervals. Mentees were able to obtain a wide variety of advice in a short time period from a diverse group of mentors.

accel mentoring

The keynote speaker was Michael Branch, P.Eng. President and CEO of Inovex, who shared his career story and advice. In 2013, he was awarded with PEO`s Young Engineer Award. Michael's entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to giving back to the community made him an exemplary mentor for engineers regardless of the stage of their career.


During a networking lunch, attendees were able to sign up for a resume review and ask questions about their career path with technical recruiters. As we all have lessons learned and experience to share that others can learn from, our "Mentee becomes the Mentor" portion of the day provided an opportunity for attendees to share their own advice.

mentee becomes mentor


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Our thanks go out to the mentors who took the time to share their valuable advice and experience. Stay tuned for details on our next Accelerated Mentoring event!