Fiber Optic Sensing, A Visible Alternative

Wednesday October 5th, 2016 7:30pm-9:30pm


Location: Yummy Grill Restaurant, 531 Atkinson Ave., Thornhill, Ontario

Fee: $15/pp includes refreshments



fiber optic sensingOver the past decade, fiber optic sensing has advanced and is emerging as a fitting alternative to traditional electrical sensors, yet not many realize the potential and advantages of this technology. Composed only of glass, fiber optic sensors are intrinsically safe and offer advantages over electrical sensors; they are not sensitive to electromagnetic interference (EMI), and can be used in harsh environments. These sensors can be applied to measure mechanical forces such as strain and temperature

This presentation will highlight optical sensor manufacturing processes, and real-world applications of fiber optic sensors versus conventional strain gauges in industries including Transportation, Oil and Gas, and Aerospace. You will leave the session knowing more about existing fiber optic solutions and how future technologies will enable widespread adoption in the near future.

nick burgwinOur presenter, Nick Burgwin, P.Eng, is an electrical engineer currently completing his Master’s research on fiber optic sensors. With electrical engineering design experience in consumer electronics, aerospace, and automotive industries, Nick worked on a number of sensor applications and quickly recognized existing limitations with electrical solutions. In search for a better alternative, his research focuses on developing a unique, low-cost solution that could replace conventional electrical strain gauges, and provide a more robust measurement technology for industry.

Nick is a strong supporter of future engineers gaining hands-on opportunities to apply theory throughout their education. He is an Engineering Capstone Course Administrator at the University of Toronto and volunteers his time in leadership roles at various student engineering events including the VEX Robotics and Formula North competitions.

 The price of the event is $15 per person and refreshments will be provided. Friends are welcome and networking encouraged!

Rick Vender, P.Eng.
Program Director – PEO York Chapter
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