Reducing GHG's With Heath Pumps and Geothermal Energy

Date: Wednesday, May 26, 2021, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Location: Zoom Webinar



PEO York Chapter members are invited to attend the following event hosted by the West Toronto Chapter "Reducing GHG's With Heath Pumps and Geothermal Energy" event.

The development of new clean energy sources is a priority to reduce Green House Emissions. The experienced and brilliant speaker, Peter DaVita, will be sharing his knowledge about the differences between Geothermal and "hybrids" Geothermal systems as Geo Exchange (GX) systems. This technology has great potential as a green energy source to be implemented in Ontario by engineers.


picture 1 geoexchange system

About the Speaker:

The webinar will be taught by Peter DeVita.

picture 2 geoexchange systemPeter DaVita is a Professional Engineer with a Master's degree in Environment and Computer Engineering and a Master's degree in Bussiness Administration.

He is a former President of PEO and helped to create OSPE (the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers).

He has taught energy auditing and teaches about the impact of energy and climate change.

Most recently has become affiliated with the Drawdown Richmond Hill team aimed at helping ordinary Canadians on what they can do to reduce GHG's.




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