2020 Clarifying the Steps From EIT. to P.Eng.

: Wednesday, October 28th from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
: Online - Zoom
: https://eittopeng.eventbrite.ca

Are you an EIT? Are you confused about what steps to take to become a P.Eng.?
Then this webinar is for you!
Presented by the Engineering Intern Programs Department of PEO.

The following topics will be discussed:
- What engineering experience is PEO looking for?
- How is my engineering experience evaluated by PEO?
- How can I facilitate the evaluation process?
- How do I prepare my Experience Record?
- What is the PPE, how do I prepare for it, and where do I write it?
- What licensing options are available to me?
- How will my international engineering education and experience be evaluated by PEO?
- How can I benefit from the PEO Licensure Assistance Program?

Eventbreak downs:
6:00pm to 7:00pm Presentation
7:00pm to 7:45pm Q&A
7:45pm to 8:00pm Closing Remarks

About the Speakers:
Tracey Caruana, Manager, Engineering Intern Programs
Tracey is a professional engineer with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from McMaster University. She joined PEO in January 2014 and is currently the Manager for the Engineering Intern Programs. Prior to joining PEO, Tracey worked at Hatch Ltd. for 9 years gaining exposure to numerous projects within the mining industry. She worked as a piping engineer and later as a consulting analyst.

In the role of Manager, Engineering Intern Programs, Tracey is responsible for providing guidance and support for the EIT Program, the Student Membership Program (SMP) and the Licensure Assistance Program (LAP). In addition, she is the staff advisor for PEO's 30 by 30 Task Force.

Jennifer Lu, P.Eng.
Program Director
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