Job Interview Webinar - Session #2

Date: Session #2: Saturday, September 12, 2020, 10:30am to 12:00pm

Location: Zoom Webinar


About the Event:

PEO York Chapter presents the Job Interview Webinar for all new engineering grads and engineers who lost their job due to COVID-19. During this pandemic, it is difficult for them to land on a job. This webinar will provide some guidance on how to perform well in a job interview. After a brief lecture, there will be a practice session where there will be breakout rooms of 3 people and each person will have a chance to practice in each role (interviewer, observer, and applicant).

Mini sub-plots of this 90-minute premiere engagement include:

• How to look for a job in Virus Times
• How to succeed at virtual interviewing
• Putting yourself in the interviewer’s position
• Avoiding the Deal Breakers
• Passing the First Impression test
• What to expect from a phone screen
• Showcasing your talents
• Qualities your responses should display
• Answering Behavioural Based Questions
• Creating your own Questions
• Following up
• Practice-Practice-Practice
• And....when you get the offer......

Themes: Put the Job Offer Odds in Your Favour
Keywords: Interview, job offer

About the Speaker:

cheryl crumbCheryl Crumb is the owner of Cheryl Crumb & Associates. She works with organizations to build their people attitudes and skills to produce a customer-centric cultural transformation. She can provide Customer Focus training and coaching; Leadership and Empowerment training and coaching; Interviewing training; Presentation Skills ("On Stage" with Heather Stubbs); Sales training.

Elven Tsui, P.Eng.
Mentorship and EIT Deputy Director
PEO York Chapter
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