Communication Ninjas: Connect to sharpen your job search


Date: Monday, August 17, 2020, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Location: Zoom Webinar


About the Event:

We are constantly bombarded by all the negative aspects of this current pandemic. But, what about the positives? While the effects on the economy and the resulting unemployment are truly unfortunate, it is a well-known fact that many successful people have used opportunities such as a pandemic or depression to rise from the ashes like a phoenix and create a new beginning for themselves.

This should be you!!

While others lumber along each day not knowing what lies ahead; why not take charge of the situation and go on the offensive?

While others become lethargic and stagnant, why not sharpen your full arsenal of communication weaponry: speaking, active listening, collaboration, and teamwork in preparation for life returning to the new normal.

The result: A communications ninja who is ready to strike at employment opportunity in all of its shapes and forms. Who is fearless and practices a zen-like calm under pressure. Someone who can think on the fly and is prepared to apply fresh thinking to routine problems.

Event Highlights:


Develop your upside-down elevator pitch

Test out your elevator pitch to real people

Active listening challenge

Strategies to send your communication skills into orbit

You will have the opportunity to ask focused questions throughout the event using the chat option in Zoom. We will address all questions in an optional Q&A session after the event

About the Speakers:

1. Darren Verasammy, P.Eng.
darren verasammyDarren is an Electrical Engineer who until very recently practiced for a very large Canadian-based engineering consulting firm in Toronto working in the area of rail and transit. He is active in both the local industry and community spreading the word about a career in engineering to people of all ages and backgrounds. He is a person who is involved in many endeavors such as toastmasters, and he firmly believes the key to a life well-lived is in the diversity of your attitudes and activities. He is the current Treasurer of the Professional Engineers of Ontario – York Chapter and Vice-President of Education for the Speakers Club of Ryerson Engineers (SCORE).



2. Ellen Chisholm, DTM
ellen chisnolmEllen is a certified Employment Coach with 20 + years of experience in the employment field, helping people gain the skills needed to obtain their dream job. She is also an experienced speaker and storyteller. President of High Park Speakers' (Toastmasters International) (TMI) club in 2019/2020; she was recognized by TMI for her communication and leadership skills with the designation of Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), the highest designation possible from TMI. She is one of the founding members of the Speakers Club of Ryerson Engineers (SCORE).



3. Jim Chisholm, P.Eng., M.Eng., FEC
jim chisholmJim is a Fire Protection Engineer with Toronto Fire Services. When Jim was the Chair of the West Toronto Chapter of the Professional Engineers of Ontario he helped organize the Toronto Engineering Club of Speakers (TECS) Toastmaster Club in order to provide an important opportunity for Professional Engineers, Engineering students and others from the wider engineering community to develop their speaking and leadership skills. He is one of the founding members of the Speakers Club of Ryerson Engineers (SCORE) and was the first president of the club.


Darren Verasammy, P.Eng.

PEO York Chapter
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