Northern Transformer Factory Tour

Friday October 14th, 2016 1:30pm- 3:30pm


Location: 245 McNaughton Road East, Maple  (Keele & Major MacKenzie)

Fee: $10/pp 



northern tourNorthern Transformer Corporation is a Canadian manufacturer of liquid filled transformers of the highest quality and reliability serving the North American market since 1981. Northern Transformer builds liquid filled transformers up to 115MVA at 160kV.

From custom specialty transformers to large utility substations, Northern Transformer designs, engineers and manufactures liquid filled transformers to fit many needs. Customers are increasingly knowledgeable on the accessories and ancillary products available to enhance their transformers. Their designs incorporate each aspect of the customer’s specification while maintaining a focus on end costs and functionality.

Tour is limited to 30 people and CSA approved safety shoes are required. Competitors are not welcome.
The price of the event is $10 per person. Friends are welcome and networking encouraged!

Rick Vender, P.Eng.
Program Director – PEO York Chapter
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