Light Pollution

Tuesday October 18, 2016 - 7:30pm


Location: Yummy Grill Restaurant, 531 Atkinson Ave., Thornhill, Ontario

Fee: $15/pp includes refreshments



city lightArtificial light has been a great boon for society, but the downside – light pollution - interferes with human seeing, is a health hazard, wastes of energy and ruins our view of one of the great natural wonders, the night sky. In this talk, we will show examples of good and bad lighting, and the effect on the environment. Of interest to engineers, we describe low cost tools for measurement of light level and glare. We also show examples of well-designed lighting and indicate how to better control light and reduce light pollution.

speaker peter hiscocksOur presenter, Peter Hiscocks P.Eng., is the Chair, Subcommittee on Light Pollution, Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. He is Professor Emeritus in Electrical Engineering from Ryerson University, where he taught courses in analog circuit design and digital systems. Currently he is the CEO of Syscomp Electronic Design, which manufactures low-cost open-source electronic instruments. In 2003, he received the PEO Citizenship Award for his work on the Discover Engineering Summer Camp project.

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Rick Vender, P.Eng.
Program Director – PEO York Chapter
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