Cause a Disturbance

Wednesday September 7th, 2016 - 7:30pm


Location: Yummy Grill Restaurant, 531 Atkinson Ave., Thornhill, Ontario

Fee: $15/pp includes refreshments



ken tencer john cardosoWhether your business is in transition or simply looking for an innovative spark, give it a lift with this Cause a Disturbance keynote. Business success today is about causing a disturbance – disrupting the status quo, discovering different, shifting markets, stimulating growth, delighting customers.

Ken Tencer will show you how innovation can change your business in simple steps by walking you through the 90% Rule®: it’s a straightforward philosophy that drives you to constantly ask what’s the next 10%? What’s the next product, service or process improvement that will create a continuously engaged customer base and strengthen your brand?

To achieve this, he focuses on three things:
• generation of more relevant ideas, more often
• the fact that great ideas don’t have to cost a lot (may actually save you money)
• the positive impact that new ideas have on your customer experience

Everyone knows – and everyone talks about – how important innovation is in the competitive battle to find, delight and keep customers and yet, far too few achieve it. As Ken explains, “There’s a big difference between an occasional spark of innovation and an eternal flame.” But the reality is different; most firms struggle to consistently innovate. All of that can change. Kick-start it – with attitude!

ken tencerOur presenter, Ken Tencer, B.Comm, M.Sc. is a business and innovation thought leader who helps organizations master better futures. He is co-developer of The 90% Rule®, a success-tested innovation process that enables businesses of all sizes to identify and filter growth opportunities.

A successful entrepreneur and business developer, Ken has built international-scale companies spanning manufacturing, product development, distribution and professional services. As CEO of Spyder Works, Ken helps companies with both business and innovation strategy. His insights on entrepreneurship and innovation appear in his monthly column for Canada’s National Newspaper, the Globe & Mail.

Ken is the co-author of two books on innovation – The 90% Rule and the bestseller Cause a Disturbance which are being avidly read by business leaders in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Business journalists with leading publications and networks including The Globe & Mail, INC, CNBC, Forbes and Bloomberg have recognized the timeliness and power of these important works.

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) from the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University and a Master of Science in Management from Boston University from its campus in Brussels, Belgium.

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