Energy Storage – What is it? How and where to use it? Will it help us?


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energy storageIn the past five years there has been a lot of talk in the media about energy storage and how this can change the existing grid and the way we produce and consume electricity. Even though energy storage has been used since the beginning of twentieth century, there is a lot of confusion about what it is, how it is used, how it can be used, and how can it be integrated in today’s changing electrical grid.

This presentation will shed some light about the history of energy storage and how it has been used in the past, why there was no interest in energy storage for most of the past 50 years and why there is so much interest today in it. Moving along on the same thought process, different energy storage types are presented with their associated advantages and disadvantages.

The latter part of the presentation will focus on battery based energy storage, discussing different battery technologies, their advantages, disadvantages and suitability for different applications. The last part of the presentation will discuss existing real life energy storage projects.

speaker zsolt sepaZsolt Sepa, M.Sc., P.Eng. is the Application Director for the Power Quality Products Division at S&C Electric Canada Ltd. His primary responsibilities include development, integration and commissioning of large scale inverter based energy storage applications; voltage and reactive power support for grid stability applications; and tier specific Uninterruptable Power Supply protection for large data center applications.

Zsolt is a licensed professional engineer, senior IEEE member, an Uptime Institute Accredited Tier Designer, Green Building LEED Accredited Professional and he holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Aalborg University in Denmark.

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