Teamwork: Making the ‘Whole’ More than the Sum of its ‘Parts’


Location: London Pub, 9724 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4C 1V8

Fee: $15 plus a small Eventbrite processing fee



Teams exist in many forms and perform many functions. We sometimes call them committees, task forces, project groups and other names. The essential requirements are that people work effectively together to get more from the team than just the sum of the individual contributions of the team members. This presentation is designed to enable participants to build stronger teams and improve team performance.


After this presentation participants will be able to:

  • Participate in the formation and functioning of effective teams
  • Appreciate the value of teamwork, and know when teams are appropriate
  • Realize the stages of building a team and making it effective
  • Understand individual strengths and improvement areas and use this understanding to build a strong team.
  • Spot and deal effectively with team conflict


  • Even Talented Teams Can Fail
  • Why Teams?
  • Limits of Individual Rationality
  • The Role of Trust in Teambuilding
  • Stages of Team Development
  • Diversity of Thought: Managing and Making Use of Team Conflict

Participant Takeaways – Two Exercises Participants Can Use: Finding Team ‘Talent’ and Communicating within Teams

speaker-gerry-callGerry Call is a speaker, consultant, facilitator and author, with strong capabilities to motivate and entertain audiences. He is noted for his "down to earth" style as well as for his positive and humorous attitude towards his topics. Gerry creates powerful learning environments to help people move from the "okay" to the "extraordinary". 

Gerry uses his various skills to problem solve "people" issues, and help people devise creative and practical solutions. His personal aim is to make a difference in peoples' performance by helping them better understand themselves and others. Through application of simple yet practical concepts and ideas, Gerry motivates people to make changes in the way they do things. His motto is, "People Matter Most." 

Its Burger Night at the Pub and with the purchase of a beverage, the Chapter will buy you a hamburger. Networking and socializing encouraged. Guests of engineers are also welcomed.
*Note: Please drink responsibly and arrange for a safe ride home

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