Ground Improvement and Specialty Foundation Systems

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015 7:30pm


Location: Yummy Grill Restauranty, 531 Atkinson Ave., Thornhill, Ontario

Fee: $15 per person


The widespread use of Ground Improvement as a solution to problem soils has been geo01developing rapidly in Ontario. Traditional techniques are being supplemented with additional innovative techniques and systems to allow us to treat a wider range of soil issues and loading scenarios. GeoSolv provides well-established and proven alternatives to deep foundations and over-excavation and replacement for situations involving problems soils such as soft clay, loose sand, peat and organic soils, and uncontrolled fills.

This presentation will include discussion on typical applications of ground improvement techniques include foundations, floor slabs, tanks, wind towers, retaining walls and embankments, culverts, embankments, and others. Numerous projects have been successfully completed for clients in various fields including ICI, Commercial Retail, Power, Treatment Plants, Municipal, Provincial and Federal project, Condominiums, and Townhouses to name a few. Cost effective Ground Improvement solutions have made the difference on projects that would have otherwise sunk under the expense of poor soils.

geo02Mark Tigchelaar, P.Eng. has been at the helm of GeoSolv Design/Build for approximately 10 years, designing and constructing ground improvement solutions for problem soils for projects ranging from small private projects to very large P3 or Public Sector projects.

Mark received his bachelors in Applied Science (Civil Engineering) from University of Waterloo in 1998 and is a licensed professional engineer in the Provence of Ontario and Alberta. Mark’s spirit and passion for innovation has driven success for both his company and his clients.


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