Innovative and Sustainable Applications of GFRP Reinforcing in Structures

Tuesday, September 15th 2015 @ 7:30pm


Location: Yummy Grill Restaurant, 531 Atkinson Ave. Thornhill, Ontario (New Venue)

Fee: $15 per person


gfrp01As engineers strive to deliver owners with more sustainable, safe, durable concrete structures, GFRP reinforcing is being used in innovative ways in providing a cost effective, sustainable solution. Its inherent high strength, lightweight non-corrosive, non-conductive properties eliminate corrosion or address any stray current or grounding issues.

With GFRP included in the CSA S806-12 building code and CSA S6-14 CHBDC, practical applications across Canada are becoming much larger in scope and more complex. To date, hundreds of bridge/infrastructure projects have been completed along with substations, WTP/WWTPs, parking garages, LRTs/BRTs, tunneling and mining.

Our speaker, Gene Latour will discuss: 

  1. GFRP in CIP and precast bridge decks, box girders, barriers or parapets and other components plus CFRP for pre-stressing precast.
  2. Product range with flexibility in cost and design utilizing three grades, stirrups, spirals, various bends, anchor heads, smooth load transfer dowels and pre-stressing anchors.
  3. Value engineering such as reducing concrete cover, thinner sections, eliminating typical processes as grounding or corrosion inhibitors.
  4. Ongoing developments with product, specifications, standards, various codes and design guidelines.

gfrp02Mr. Gene Latour is president of V-ROD Canada and representative of Pultrall Inc, the Canadian manufacturer of V-ROD® and industry leader in FRP composite reinforcement. Along with marketing V-ROD® to owners and consultants, Gene is a liaison between the manufacturer, researchers, rebar fabricators and contractors, ensuring implementation at the practical level. Mr. Latour has also participated in numerous conferences and hosted seminars and presentations across Canada along with various researchers to ensure owners and consultants are up to speed on ongoing product development and expanding applications.

Gene was also was part of the technical committee for the “Specifications for Product Certification of FRP’s as Internal Reinforcement in Concrete Structures”, the predecessor of the CSA S-807. Gene is also a member of ACI, TAC, CSCE, CPCI, TCA and RSIO and sits on various marketing committees.


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