The Design and Construction of an Energy Efficient Retrofit Home

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016 - 7:30pm


Location: Yummy Grill Restaurant, 531 Atkinson Ave., Thornhill, Ontario

Fee: $15/pp includes refreshments


homeIn 2014 Greening Homes completed the transformation of a post¬war bungalow into a super--insulated, airtight, low energy, two storey home in Toronto with excellent indoor environmental quality. Passive house building principles were employed to achieve the super-low space conditioning requirements and exemplary occupant comfort and health. The project won an award in “Innovation in Sustainability” from the Toronto Chapter of the CAGBC and a Canadian Green Building Award from the CAGBC and SAB Magazine.



The project goals were delivered through meticulous planning and detailing coupled with innovative building materials and best-practices construction methods. High levels of insulation, thermal bridge¬ free and airtight construction, high performance windows optimized for desirable solar gain, and mechanical ventilation with energy recovery all contributed to the project’s success. The reduced space heating requirements are satisfied via radiant ceilings; powered by a unique mechanical system which features a reversible heat pump, shallow geothermal loop, and a future solar thermal array.

Finally, an economic analysis is presented comparing the actual project costs to those of building a hypothetical house to building code minima and to the Passive House standard. 

speakerOur speaker, Steven Gray, P.Eng., M.Eng., LEED AP, CPHC (Certified Passive House Consultant) is a construction manager with Greening Homes. Steven was initially trained as a structural engineer, and subsequently completed a master’s degree in Building Science. He applies his passion for sustainability to building healthy, energy-efficient projects in the Toronto area.


 Friends, associates and family are welcome. Some snacks will be provided

Networking encouraged!

Rick Vender, P.Eng.
Program Director – PEO York Chapter
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