2021 PEO York Chapter Engineering Entrance Scholarships

PEO York Chapter is offering 3 University Engineering Entrance Scholarships valued at $1,500 this year. The Chapter would like to thank sponsor Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) for their generous $1,000 contribution to the scholarship program this year.

The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of the student's community contributions, intra and extracurricular activities, and their intention to pursue a career as a Professional Engineer. To qualify for this award, the student must graduate with honors standing from a secondary school in York Region and be enrolled in an accredited engineering program at a Canadian university for the 2021-2022 academic year.

To apply for a scholarship, simply fill out the application form (https://forms.gle/95XqhjNYYXPKYk7K9).

Deadline of application: August 18, 2021


Please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions or require additional information.


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Application Requirements

The Scholarship provides first-year engineering students with financial aid in an accredited engineering program in a Canadian university and introduces them to Professional Engineers of Ontario, a self-regulatory body that governs Ontario's 85,000 professional engineers.

To qualify for this scholarship, you (the applicant) must be a graduate student with honours from a secondary school located in York Region and be accepted and eventually enrolled into an accredited engineering program at a Canadian University for the 2021-2022 school year. You (the applicant) must be entering the first-year of the accredited engineering program in Fall 2021. For a list of post-secondary institutions with accredited Engineering Programs in Canada refer to the link: https://www.engineerscanada.ca/accreditation/accredited-programs-by-institution

The scholarship application consists of (1) the application form and (2) a video component.
Scholarship applicants must upload their application videos (of up to 4 minutes and 0 seconds) as "unlisted" on YouTube and then provide the link in this scholarship application Google form.

Due to the volume of applications, only successful applicants will be contacted. The contacted applicants will be asked to provide the following documents to verify their status before the funding is released.
1) an official or certified true copy of their secondary school transcript, the same transcript that was used with university application
2) proof of enrolment in an accredited engineering program at a Canadian university

Scholarship recipients need to attend one or more of the current PEO York Chapter events in person and provide a short talk about their interest in the engineering discipline in order to receive the scholarship funds. In case that in-person events cannot be held, the recipient will be asked to attend a virtual PEO York Chapter event to provide the same short talk. The recipient(s) will be asked to provide an acceptance speech video for the PEO York Chapter Youtube channel and website.

Application Evaluation Process

After filtering for the minimum required grade, the application is evaluated only based on the applicant's intent, service to the community, and skills acquired during extracurricular activities. The application essays must be written by the applicant. Applications that contain copied elements will be rejected. The applicant should demonstrate an understanding of the responsibilities of a professional engineer to society and demonstrate the character and values required of a future professional engineer.

The application evaluation process will be as follows:
1) All applications will be checked for completion and plagiarism. Incomplete and plagiarized applications will be disqualified and discarded.
2) The identifying information of all applications will be hidden (e.g. name, gender, school) and replaced with an application number when sent to the application reviewers. The application videos will not be sent to the reviewers at this step yet.
3) Based on the application form component only, reviewers will conduct a round of reviews to determine the top 10 candidates for the scholarship recipients.
4) The application videos of the top 10 candidates are then reviewed by all reviewers.
5) The scholarship recipients are selected from the top 10 candidates based on the entire application (form + video).

It is encouraged that all applicants take a look through the full form before starting to prepare the full application. Please have your information and application video ready.